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If there is a party or bigger event coming up and you feel uncertain about plannig- worry no more. We can provide you with the best serivice and make sure that your party goes according to plan. And what more? Well, everything we came with we also take with us, so you do not have to worry about cleaning dirty dishes or glasses and just relax right after the party! We can easily access all London and surrounding areas. We specialize in beer, bars & BBQ. Come and check our offer.


Changing your surroundings sometimes is a must and sometimes it is just a need that we have. In both cases it is good to have specialists who will take care of everything. At Company, we offer painting services that are reliable, fast and clean. You can be sure that every speck will be painted as well as your external and internal walls. Our many years of experience can assure this and let us provide you with the best service. You can see our full offer and testimonials from satisfied clients here.


At Transmetal we believe in the power of loyality- both to our clients and company. We take care about our business with passion and devotion so that means that you can expect the best service there is. We are willing to make this extra mile to make our business recognisable and sustainable. When you dial 07931361034, you can expect a professional service, advice and a timely, usually same day response to your request. More information about company and services you will find on our site:

Can you remember it much longer? How Music Affect Our Brains

Music is a huge part of the majority of people's lives. Have you ever before listened to a track about a particular memory from your past? Some individuals think music is not just there for home entertainment, yet that it can likewise influence your memory. There has actually been some research study done on the effects of songs, as well as here are the results. Continue reading