Formed in 2002 Kyloe Records was started to help preserve and promote the folk music and folklore of Scotland and the north of England. Mike has been collecting and recording folksong and music for over 40 years and many of his recordings have appeared over the years on a number of record labels, including Topic, Home-Made Music, Veteran and Musical Traditions

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Most of Mike's pre-2000 collection is now housed in the National Sound Archive, a part of the British Library, with copies in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, the archive of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Mike is perhaps best known for his recordings of English gypsies, although his Appalachian recordings - from Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee - have also brought him international recognition. All Kyloe CDs are carefully recorded and edited, and come with full background information about the performers and their material. It is also our policy, whenever possible, to use local artists for our sleeve designs.

Why Kyloe?

Kyloe Records are named after the Kyloe Hills, a chain of low, wooded hills in north Northumberland, not far from where we live. They lie inland from Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and it was here that monks hid the remains of St Cuthbert (Patron Saint of Northumberland) when Viking longboats were prowling closeby. There are many beautiful walks in the woods and St Cuthbert's Cave, where his remains were hidden, is easily accessable. For further information, contact us at